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The Future

The future of the tea filter has begun.

By the late 1980's there developed public concern over the use of chlorine bleached paper. In response, we developed, together with a specialty paper manufacturer, a chlorine free, natural brown (as it is unbleached) tea filter.

The future of the tea filter has begun. The new generation of tea filter is different: in appearance and in the various sizes offered: for one mug servings right up to a large pot. Thanks to the patented filter opening one thing clearly stands out: the filter of the future stands up by itself! No filter holder is needed.

A bottom fold which opens automatically provides enough volume for the tea to properly infuse. The newest generation of tea filter: available in different sizes, with patented opening for easy filling and the ability to stand up in your cup or pot.

The needs of customers are always taken into consideration to ensure the development of user-friendly filters and filter holders.

There is always considerable product to ensure delivery.

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