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Over 2.000 years of experience are not enough for us.

The variety of ways to prepare tea is part of a tradition thousands of years old. The most artistic is probably the Japanese tea ceremony. However, it is too time consuming for Westerners. Therefore, modern methods of preparing tea are in
great demand.

We, at t-sac GmbH i. Gr. have been developing filter systems for tea since 1982 - arguably one of the healthiest beverages in the world. In the field of tea filter development we are one of the most innovative enterprises demonstrated by our patented designs.

Tea filter paper is made of wood cellulose and cellulose from Manila fibre. For Only the finest fibre is selected from the Philippines and Equador to ensure an extremely high strength of paper: and yet one square meter of this thin, fine-porous filter paper only weighs approximately 16g/m, i.e. one sheet size DIN A4 not even 1 g!

When delivered to our facility, the paper - a natural product - is being examined by computer. This guarantees that only high quality paper is used in our filter production.

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